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Eve’s Garden is an exclusive high- performance cosmetic brand that offers unique solutions for a different skincare conditions, based on a tailor-made formulas with complexion of active ingredients. All the formulas are made with great attention, implemented with an extensive knowledge in cosmetic engineering,  and enriched with powerful active ingredients and nutrients for the skin. 

This unique approach, combining mostly organic ingredients in a high-performance formulas with the cosmetic engineering knowledge is resulting with high-performance cosmetic products that satisfy the needs of the customers.


Eves Garden stamp


We combine the best of organic and performance cosmetics, introducing with a so-called "hurdle" approach to preserve the products that, instead of using conventional preservatives, allows us to build a super-stable preservation system with ingredients safe for all skin types, including sensitive baby skin . One of the novelties is the integration of the ingredients according to their molecular mass and the use of penetrating enhancers or so-called carriers, where necessary, to enable proper transdermal distribution of the active ingredients. This unique approach makes Eve’s Garden a pioneer in its field.


Performance-based cosmetics are based on the idea that a product should perform a function while also creating a beautiful aesthetic. Cosmetics that are performance-based are rich in powerful active ingredients that provide solutions for the customers’ needs.

Cosmetics with high-quality ingredients come at a higher cost. It’s easy to get a bit of sticker-shock when you first start looking into performance-based cosmetics, but once you start seeing the results, it’s easier to invest in your effective skincare rather than seeing it as a cost. Not every expensive product on the market is performance-based, and not every performance-based cosmetic is a super expensive.

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