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Marina Hristovska

My first child was born more than eight years ago. He had an atopic dermatitis, which did not subside with anything known and recommended on the market. Then I realized that there are many products on the market, but rarely any of them are effective. Thanks to the many years of experience in formulating tailor-made cosmetics, active cooperation with dermatologists and dozens of readen scientific studies and professional literature in the field of dermatology, dermatological diseases and conditions, as well as their treatment, I finally took the first step in creating the first performance product, which was tested on my very own newborn. The results were noticeable in only a few weeks and this is how it all started.

Few years later, Eve’s Garden was born and has offered exactly what was missing on the market - effective solutions that have an aesthetic function. Despite many years of experience in formulating tailor-made and organic cosmetics, it took years to perfect the formulas and to create performance cosmetics that would make a real difference to consumers."

Marina Hristovska, Formulator & Founder

Meet The Team

Gjorgji Petkovski

Gjorgi Petkovski



The real challenge is to design a product for a high performance brand such as Eve`s Garden. Our product design team connects daily with the needs and preferences of consumers and based on that translates the wishes and needs of consumers into designs.

Natasha Petkovska

Natasha Petkovska


I must say, this is one of the easiest jobs I ever had as a Marketing Director. The good products do not need any particular marketing, they just need to be shown. Our clients are our biggest marketers. 

Zoran Jovanovski

Dr. Zoran Jovanovski


The company pays great attention on the product safety and the impact of the products to the human safety. This is what makes me very confident with my work.

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