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Provitamin B5 (synonyms: Panthenol, D-Pantothenyl Alcohol, Dexpanthenol) is an alcoholic analogue of Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5). Panthenol is an active ingredient that counters inflammation and helps the skin retain moisture.It has two enantiomers, D and L. Only D-panthenol (dexpanthenol) is biologically active, however both forms have the ability to moisturize. For cosmetic use, panthenol can be in D form, or as a racemic mixture of D and L (DL-panthenol). When applied to the skin, it leads to the regeneration of skin cells. Stimulates fibroblast proliferation and regenerates tissue. It attracts moisture from the air and binds it to itself, so it is a good softener. Keeps skin moist and supple and soothes irritated skin.


Molecular weight: 205.25 g/mol


INCI: dl-panthenol


CAS: 81-13-0








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