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The use of baicalin after UVA radiation significantly reduces the level of intracellular O2−, NO, and ROS (Reactive oxygen species) stabilized the mitochondrial membrane potential, and attenuated production of MDA and 8-oxo-dG. These efficiently enhances the antioxidative defense system and protects the HSFs from subsequent oxidative stress damage and apoptosis. Baicalin decreases the excessive generation of intracellular ROS and NO, and elevates the cellular antioxidative defense, which eventually mitigate the UVA-induced apoptosis.


Molecular weight: may vary


CAS: 94279-99-9


INCI : Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract








“Baicalin protects human skin fibroblasts from ultraviolet A radiation-induced oxidative damage and apoptosis”- Free Radical Research, December 2012;Pages: 1458-1471


“Improvement of skin barrier dysfunction by Scutellaria baicalensis GEOGI extracts through lactic acid fermentation”- Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, February 2019, Pages 183-191

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